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shaderMeisterV1.1_Win HOT

shaderMeister V1.1 - Windows

This download contains the plugins for shaderMeister V1.1 for Windows 32-bit as well as Windows 64-bit.

It also includes the user manual and a sample scene with various presets.

Changes since Version 1.0:

  • Added Comment Nodes
  • Added a LightGroup Node that affects upstream nodes connected to it.
  • Add a node for a single, global LightGroup. This is saved with shaderMeister and can either affect upstream nodes as the normal LightGroup Node does, or can affect the shaderMeister shading graph if it is enabled in the master plugin.
  • Various internal changes
  • Minor bugfixes to the order of evaluation of the inputs
  • Fixed the adding and removing of the shaderMeister shader to be more reliable
  • Added a third party SDK, available upon request.

The location of the global Presets has been moved to the documents directory for "All Users" to prevent crashes for non-admin users.

Created 01 Mar 2010 17:24:17
Version 1.1
Size 3,647.46Kb
Downloads 3,455
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