Why exrTrader?

Because it is the only way to adjust OpenEXR exports to fit your pipeline:

  • Arbitrary pixel type per channel
    LightWave saves all channels as 32-bit float, exrTrader gives you the option of how to save each channel.
    This can reduce file sizes by up to 50% without a compromise in visual quality.
  • Full selection of OpenEXR compression schemes
    This allows you to pick the compression that fits your pipeline. ZIPS for Nuke or Fusion, ZIP for After Effects, B44 or DWA for playback.
  • Data Window support
    When rendering passes, only the area of the image that contains content will be saved in the EXR. This can provide a large speed up when compositing in Nuke and Fusion.
  • Compact and Streamlined GUI
  • Cryptomatte
    exrTrader Pro is the only solution for LightWave 3D to write Cryptomattes.

"I couldn't be without my exrTrader, keep up the great coding."

Mark Berge
markberge.com, Iceland


exrTrader Pro - Cryptomatte

In addition to the other features, exrTrader Pro allows you to write Cryptomattes.

Cryptomattes - originally devised by Jonah Friedman and Andy Jones from psyop - allow you to store automatically generated mattes for all items or surfaces in a single OpenEXR image.

These can then be extracted in a compositing application using freely available plugins.

Cryptomatte in exrTrader Pro allows you so save all Cryptomattes in a single or in separate files.

The levels determine how many different mattes may be stored per single pixel. 6 is usually a sufficient number.

You can also decide if the manifest - the file containing the names of the mattes - is stored embedded in the EXR image or as a separate file.

exrTrader Pro also allows you to select any of the OpenEXR compression types that are compatible with Cryptomatte.

Current Limitations: Volumes are not selectable via Crpytomattes. Reconstruction filters other than Box and a Filter Radius other than 0.0 will produce results differing from the LightWave 3D renders. We are working with the LightWave 3D developers to remove these limitations.

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