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infiniMapV1.6_Win HOT

infiniMap V1.6 - Windows 32- and 64-bit

This is update fixes various bugs and issues of infiniMap V1.5.

Changes since Version 1.5.1
  • Added a node to directly deal with normal maps
  • Speed up when rendering the preview sphere in the surface editor
    Added support to the converter for LightWave installations that use the -p flag to separate the plugin configs from other config files.
  • Added native PNG loader for the conversion. This only works with non-interlaced images (interlaced images are handed over to the native LW PNG loader). It works on a scanline basis and allows for the conversion of images larger than RAM.
  • Added an option to gamma correct when converting to OpenEXR images.
  • Major speed up when evaluating UV maps using multi-threased rendering.
  • Removed spherical section mapping completely. It is replaced by a spherical mapping when loaded. The same effect can be achieved by using spherical mapping in conjunction with the UV modifiers
  • Added OSX 64-bit UBs.
  • Added a new UV tiling mode: Wrap
Created 06 Oct 2010 00:23:54
Version V1.6
Size 3,027.85Kb
Downloads 2,874
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