qckPck for LightWave 3D

So fast, we had to drop the vowels.

Now featuring qckHuD

Just two keys away

qckPck allows you to reach multiple menus by just pressing two keys, one to launch qckPck, the second key to launch the individual menus.

You can quickly select:

  • Items
  • Objects
  • Bones
  • Lights
  • Cameras

and perform actions on the current selection or the scene itself.

  • Edit a Surface in the Surface Editor
  • Edit a Surface in the Node Editor
  • Edit Plugins
  • Add Plugins
  • Remove Plugins

And even design your own, custom menu.

"qckPck is just amazing - except for the name."

anonymous beta tester


LightWave 3D 2019 adds additional functionality to pop-ups which is also leveraged by qckPck:

"To anyone working with Lightwave 2019 that is not using qckPck, you are using LW wrong."

Oliver Hotz - Origami Digital