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We fix it in post!

We solve problems, especially in 3D computer graphic environments. We don't care if you are working on film projects, TV projects or games. We will fix post!

Don't hesitate, ask us for help. We know your mission, since we have been at the same place and at times still are at times. We believe that, if you write software for cg, you better know what you are talking about.

Our software solutions are different because, we have done visual effects, post production and digital compositing ourselves in hundreds of projects.

That is why we provide individual software solutions. Our small team is flexible and independent. We are agile, we care for usability and know IT-risk management practices (ISO 31 000).

We mainly develop in C++, with other languages such as Python or Lua sprinkled in. OpenGL, Vulkan, OpenCL, CUDA, OSL are familiar concepts and we've incorporated various open source libraries such as USD, OpenEXR, OIIO, OCIO, OpenSubDiv, MaterialX as well.