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infiniMapProV1.0.6 HOT

infiniMap Pro V1.06 - 32- and 64bit Windows

The PDF manual has not been updated to reflect these latest changes.

infiniMap Pro now consists of two more plugins, please re-add the infiniMapPro.p plugin file (using the Edit Plug-Ins panel) to LightWave.

This is a list of bugfixes and changes since Version 1.0.5a of infiniMap Pro:

Fixed bugs:

  • UV mapping now works as expected with multi-threading and a Quality setting of 100%
  • Front Projection mapping now works as expected with a Quality setting of 100%

New Features:

  • Added a scene master plugin to control the maximum amount of memory the ECW/J2K library used by infiniMap Pro may allocate.This plugin is called "infiniMap Settings" and may be added using the Master Plugins panel. The default value of 128MB should be sufficient in most cases. If memory runs low when rendering, this setting can be lowered down to 16MB. The settings are loaded and saved with the scene file.
  • Added a convenience plugin called "infiniMap Settings..." which can be mapped to a key or added to a menu. It adds the infiniMap Settings master plugin to the current scene (if it hasn't been applied already) and then opens the user interface.
  • Now there is a button which opens in the registration panel.

Known Issues:

  • FPrime may crash in conjunction with infiniMap if a texture layer is switched on/off or copied/pasted while FPrime is rendering. This is an inherent problem of LightWave in conjunction with FPrime and not specific to infiniMap. Please pause the FPrime render when performing any of these actions.

We hope you will enjoy working with this release of infiniMap Pro.

Created 18 Mar 2008 20:01:56
Changed 26 Apr 2012 13:29:53
Version V1.0.6
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