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infiniMapPro_i32_V1.0.2b HOT

infiniMap Pro V1.0.2b for Windows, LightWave 3D 32 bit only

Includes the user manual, support files are not needed for this release.

Please download and read through the license agreement before you download infiniMap Pro for the first time.

Changes since Version 1.0.1:

    • 64bit Windows support

    • consolidated the external ECW/JPEG2000 into the base plugin file. Now there is only one .p file required to install infiniMap Pro

    • added a simple converter that can export images loaded into LightWave 3D as ECW or JPEG 2000 image files

    • The projection code has been re-written to solve problems with bump maps. Bump maps also render slightly faster due to the re-design.

    • Added a new projection type: Spherical Section Projection.

    • fixed a bug concerning front projection mapping

    • added channel selection options to the shader plugin

    • added “Replace Image” option to globally replace an infiniMap Image

    • improved the speed of previews in the surface editor

    • fixed a bug relating to the wrong proxy image being selected if an openGL preview layer was generated that used an existing image

Created 18 Mar 2008 20:03:06
Changed 26 Apr 2012 13:28:33
Version 1.0.2b - Windows 32bit
Size 1,261.00Kb
Downloads 3,110
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