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infiniMapPro_i32_V1.0.1 HOT

infiniMap Pro V1.0.1 for intel, LightWave 3D 32 bit only

Includes all support files and the user manual.

Please download and read through the license agreement before you download infiniMap Pro for the first time.

This file contains the most recent bugfix update to Version 1.0.1.



  • Fixed licensing issue with multiple licenses not being found on a shared install of LightWave
  • Removed (legacy) plugins. These were actually never meant for public release and are anartifact of the beta cycle.
Created 18 Mar 2008 20:02:06
Changed 16 Feb 2011 09:31:21
Version 1.0
Size 1,166.54Kb
Downloads 3,543
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