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exrTraderV1.0e HOT

exrTrader V1.0e - Win32, Win64, OSX PPC and OSX UB

This is a bugfix release of exrTrader. The archive contains the versions for all supported operating systems.

Please make sure to add this pluging to LightWave again, the name of the loader has been changed to avoid a potential conflict.

The manual PDF has not been changed.

This version is compatible with LightWave 3D 7.5 up to the current LightWave 3D 9.2 and should be compatible with future versions as well.

Changes in exrTrader V1.0e since V1.0d:

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed a crash bug when using the OpenEXR Settings and the exrTrader GUI alternately

Changes in exrTrader V1.0d since V1.0c:

Fixed Bugs:
  • Fixed an issue hanging LW when exiting (this would affect network rendering as well)
  • Renamed the loader to avoid a possible conflict.
  • The "OpenEXR Settings..." Generic plugin would apply and add exrTrader, not the "OpenEXR Settings..." master handler.
  • Fixed a bug crashing LW when the Settings master handler was removed.


Changes in exrTrader V1.0c since V1.0b:

Fixed Bugs:
  • exrTrader crashes if the GUI is open and you click on the plugin list entry again
  • Saves in wrong directory
  • LimitedRegion Border doesn't save using the buffer saver
  • Doesn't read YUV images
  • OSX Version of exrTrader doesn't compress images
  • Custom channel names are now loaded and used (they were saved... but not loaded)
  • The Master plugin settings are now respected by the saver, so both 32 bit float and 16 bit half images can be saved using the vanilla saver. 16bit float is the default. 32 bit integer is not supported and will revert to 32bit float
  • Multiple instances of exrTrader in a scene will now load back their settings properly. Previously only the settings of the laster image filter where used... multiple times.
  • The windows version uses a different low level i/o implementation to load/save data. This is mostly technical in nature, but might result in slightly faster loading/saving.
  • OSX CodeWarrior: changed compiler settings to make the vanilla saver with all build of LightWave (thanks to Chilton for helping me out here).
  • Improved support for loading and saving images that are not RGBA in the vanilla loader and saver.
  • Added support for handling foreign characters in file names

We hope you enjoy working with exrTrader. If you have any issues, please feel free to mail us at or use our support forum at

Best Regards,
Your db&w team.

Created 18 Mar 2008 19:57:38
Changed 16 Feb 2011 16:50:58
Version V1.0e
Size 2,034.83Kb
Downloads 3,005
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