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User Manual for infiniMap Pro.This manual is also included in the full download of infiniMap Pro.
Win32.png 1.0.2b - Windows 32bitHOT
infiniMap Pro V1.0.2b for Windows, LightWave 3D 32 bit onlyIncludes the user manual, support files are not needed for this release.Please download ...
infiniMap Pro V1.0.1 for intel, LightWave 3D 32 bit onlyIncludes all support files and the user manual.Please download and read through the license...
infiniMap Pro V1.06 - 32- and 64bit Windows
infiniMap Pro V1.0.5a for Windows, LightWave3D 32bit and 64bit Includes the user manual as well as the node plugin exclusive to LightWave3D 9.0