frameD for LightWave 3D

advanced image sequence management

Advanced image sequence management

frameD is an advanced image sequence manager for LightWave 3D.

frameD includes an X-Sheet editor for image sequences.
It also provides a memory cache and proxy options to speed up interactive sessions in Layout.

The main usage scenarios are image sequences that contain duplicate images (such as mouth shapes mapped on a character's face) as well as backplates used for reference.

These text files are treated by LightWave3D as animation files. However, they point to individual images which are loaded as frames of the “virtual” animation.

Since the individual images are loaded through the frameD plugin, it can perform additional processing or even not load from disk at all. This is leveraged by providing the option to load proxy images (which are created automatically) and by using available memory to cache images.

frameD supports both standard “IFL” based sequences as well as its own proprietary “XFD” format. The latter is XML based and allows for more attributes to be saved than simple IFL files allow for.

The frameD Master plugin makes the individual settings for frameD managed image sequences available in a scene.
The settings are saved with the scene and respected in Screamernet as well1.
The Sequences tab hosts the individual controls for specific sequences. The Image Cache tab host the controls responsible for managing the image RAM cache which is used both by Layout as well as Screamernet.

Massive Speed-ups

Using the compressed in-memory cache as well as the option to load prixy images, you will be able to scrub through your Layout timeline quicker than every before if you use image sequences.


frameD is available for LightWave 3D 2018 - 2020 on Windows and MacOS.