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exrTrader: Import - Export

The main features of exrTrader are:

  • free LightWave OpenEXR Loader supporting RGBA
  • free LightWave OpenEXR Saver, supporting all saveable image types except for palettized images.
  • a scene type master plugin for setting image saver options (saved with the scene)
  • a dummy saver, that does nothing but allows network render managers to see files saved by the image filter for render success checks.
  • an image filter plugin that allows to save arbitrary buffers to a single OpenEXR file, including the following features:
    • either use a custom output file, or the RGB output file defined in the render globals
    • mimics LightWaves output filename formatting scheme
    • support for all compression types defined by OpenEXR
    • support for all output buffers generated by LW and exposed through the SDK..
    • buffers may consist of one (i.e. Depth), two (i.e. Motion), three (i.e. RGB) or more channels.
    • separate naming option for channels and buffers in the OpenEXR file, this will translate to as defined in the OpenEXR specs. Either may be blank.
    • support for different pixel types per channel
    • processing of buffers (invert, minimum, maximum, scale, offset)
    • support for OpenEXR meta data, including aspect ratio, comments, previews.
    • data window support (for limited region renders)
    • VIPER support to preview buffers (extremely cool!)
    • Image savers to additionally save a buffer in any format supported by LightWave 3D
    • Display gamma support for linear pipelines
  • network rendering support
  • plugins consist of one file per platform
  • basic OpenEXR functionality is provided for free
  • free point upgrades, free support, free beer (well, the free beer is still a joke ;) )

exrTrader is available now for 32- and 64-bit Windows and OSX UB. It is compatible with LightWave3D version 9.5 to 10.x

You will find the free version in the downloads section of this site (a free user registration is required for the download). You can use the standard image loader and image saver freely, to use the exrTrader OpenEXR Layered Export you will need to purchase a license.

"If LightWave is considered to be the secret weapon in Hollywood, then exrTrader is the secret weapon for LightWave."

Eric Hance - VFX Supervisor
Pixomondo, Burbank -