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PomsNodes_v1.10_Win32 HOT

PomsNodes V1.10 - Windows 32-bit

v1.10 (08-16-2008):

  • Added Advanced RayTrace node: Allows the user to define what kind of rays are cast and what flags are set
  • Added Group Node: Lets the user store complex shader networks in one node
  • Added a function input to the Ambient Occlusion node: In ranged mode the individual samples are weighted with this function
  • Added a normal input to the Ambient Occlusion node: Allows the user to override the surface normal, which is used during the occlusion calculations
  • Changed Gaussian Reflections and Refractions nodes: If sampled in pre-processing phase or if blur depth limit is exceeded, reflections/refractions are still blurred and only samples are reduced to 1.
  • Fixed Gaussian Reflections and Refractions nodes: Samples field in the XPanel now gets disabled when the corresponding input is used
  • Changed the readme description of the Exponential Decay nodes (thanks weepul)
  • The following nodes are not calculated for shadow rays anymore: Ambient Occlusion, Gaussian Reflections, Gaussian Refractions

v1.00 (11-09-2007):

  • Introduced version numbers for following node pack updates
  • Added Gaussian Reflections node: Sampling blurry reflections by use of Gaussian noise
  • Added Gaussian Refractions node: Same as Gaussian Reflection just for refractions
  • Added Exponential Decay nodes (scalar and color)
  • Added an offset parameter to the Ambient Occlusion node: Can fix shading problems with some geometry
  • Added a sample depth parameter to the Ambient Occlusion node: Specifies behaviour when this shader is evaluated by sampled sources
  • Added color bleeding options to the Ambient Occlusion node
  • Changed Ambient Occlusion node: Now respects bump/normal maps
  • Fixed possible crash in Ambient Occlusion node
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of the Hold Value and Counter nodes in "A Does (Not) Change" modes
  • Fixed thread unsafe code of the Hold Value and Counter nodes


  • Fixed Pixel Image node not saving the selected image properly


  • Added Counter node: Stores and increases a value each time it is called


  • Added Get Material and Store Material nodes: These allow you to transfer a complex node tree between different node editors


  • Added Hold Value node: saves a value from an input as long as the user-defined mode describes and then re-evaluates the input and the whole process starts again
  • Added an alpha output to the Pixel Image node
  • Added a "load Image" option to the Pixel Image node
  • Changed the behaviour of the Pixel Image node to mimic LightWave's behaviour when images get deleted


  • Added a Ray Recursion Limit output to the Render Info node
  • Fixed delayed update of the Render Info node


  • Added Sqrt node: calculates the square root of the input ;)
  • Added Render Info node: gives access to information about (currently rendered) frames
  • Added Pixel Image node: gives per pixel access to images
  • Updated Take Samples node: replaced the scalar input with a color input and added two new modes
  • Minor UI bug-fixes (some controls were not disabled correctly)
  • Minor code bug-fixes
  • Minor readme grammar-fixes :D


  • Initial release
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Version V1.10
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