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PomsLights_v1.01_Win32 HOT

PomsLights V1.01 - Windows 32-bit

v1.01 (06-15-2008):

  • Fixed a crash caused by an updated SDK

v1.00 (04-18-2008):

  • Removed Image and Solid color modes from Exit Portal
  • Added a Nodal Area Light + Info node (removed features of the Exit Portal can be reproduced this way) instead and everything is released as a light pack now
  • Added photoreal motion blur support
  • Added automatic intensity setting for Exit Portal (with OpenGL preview in Layout)
  • Changed: For sampled shaders and pre-processing the light quality is reduced to 1 to avoid slowdowns
Created 16 Nov 2008 18:26:09
Version V1.01
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