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db&w Tools V1.8a for 32- and 64-bit OSX, Universal Binary

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Version 1.8a:

  • fixed an issue loading settings if multiple plugins save their settings in the lws and use the same name for a setting (such as the Simple Colour Corrector Pixel Filter and Image Filter in the same scene).

Version 1.8

  • fixed compatibility issues with the pixel filter in LW10
  • fixed an issue with the Cache node when rendering using VPR in LW10
  • Added a Scene Comment master plugin (It requires TextWrangler as well as the matching command line tools to be installed on OSX)
  • Added the (experimental) StickyFrontUV node which can create front projection UVs for compositing.
  • Those stick to the item if it is transformed. Deformations are not supported.
  • Added a Colour Space node to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only)
  • Added a Colour Space Converter Generic plug-in to convert from one colour space to another (LW10 only)
    You can copy and paste colour values throughout LW using the following shortcuts (on the colour swatches):
    Shift-RMB : Copy
    Ctrl-RMB : Paste

Version 1.7

  • Added the DepthLimiter Pixel filter. It clamps the maximum distance stored in the depth buffer to increase the quality of depth Anti-aliasing.

Version 1.6a

  • The Cache node didn't cache due to a change in code. Now it does - again.

Version 1.6

  • Added Illuminance option and function input to the Single Light Lambert node
  • Added Remap node
  • Fixed an issue with the single light illumination node in Modeler
  • Added PPC 64-bit to the OSX version

Version 1.5a

  • fixed an issue with the simple colour corrector image filter not using the values entered by the user
  • initial 64-bit OSX version

Version 1.5

  • Added Sequence node
  • Added "Revenge of the Lenscap" image viewer (Please be careful with that one!)
  • various extensions to existing nodes
  • various bug fixes
  • added on-line documentation

Version 1.4:

  • Added Extended Spot Info Node
  • Added Time Info Node

Version 1.3b:

  • Removed the preview from the Cache node due to obscure crashes with third party nodes (SG_AmbOcc to be precise)
  • Added a "Pass Through" option to the Cache Node to quickly disable it
  • The Scalar Booster wasn't added to LightWave 3D properly, please re-add the plugin to get it.

Version 1.3a:

  • fixed a crash bug in the Cache Node related to multi-threading
  • fixed an issue in the Material Blender
  • fixed Modeler issues in the booster nodes as well as the cache node

Version 1.3:

  • Further speed improvements to the material blender node
  • Four new nodes: Cache, Material Booster, Colour Booster and Scalar Booster

Version 1.2:

  • Speed ups to the material blender if the opacity is 0%
  • Added Channel Blender and Single Light Illumination Nodes.

Version 1.1b:

  • fixes a bug that made the Material Blender unuseable for ... materials :( *sigh*
  • fixes a bug that caused the 32bit version of the Notifier to crash on Vista x64

Version 1.1a:

  • fixes a bug that only affects the Material Blender for OSX-CFM, the other plugins have not changed.

If you find any issues, don't hesitate to mail us at .

We hope you enjoy working with this plugin.


These plugins are copyrighted by db&w GbR. It is provided free of charge as freeware.
This program is provided “as is” without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

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