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dbwTools-V1.7_Win HOT

db&w Tools V1.7 - Windows 32/64-bit


Version 1.7:
- Added the Depth Limiter pixel filter to massage the depth buffer for more accurate depth anti-aliasing.

Version 1.6a:
- Fixed an issue in the Cache Node which - again - didn't cache.

Version 1.6:
- Added Illuminance option and function input to the Single Light Lambert node
- Added Remap node
- Fixed an issue with the single light illumination node in Modeler
- Added PPC 64-bit to the OSX version

Version 1.5:
- Added Sequence node
- Added "Revenge of the Lenscap" image viewer (Please be careful with that one!)
- various extensions to existing nodes
- various bug fixes
- added on-line documentation at

Version 1.4:
- added two small nodes, TimeInfo and Extended Spot Info

Version 1.3a:
- fixed a crash bug in the Cache Node related to multi-threading
- fixed an issue in the Material Blender
- fixed Modeler issues in the booster nodes as well as the cache node

Version 1.3:
- Further speed improvements to the material blender node
- Four new nodes: Cache, Material Booster, Colour Booster and Scalar Booster

Version 1.2:
- Speed ups to the material blender if the opacity is 0%
- Added Channel Blender and Single Light Illumination Nodes.

Version 1.1b:
- fixes a bug that made the Material Blender unuseable for ... materials :( *sigh*
- fixes a bug that caused the 32bit version of the Notifier to crash on Vista x64

Version 1.1a:
- fixes a bug that only affects the Material Blender for OSX-CFM, the other plugins have not changed. 

If you find any issues, don't hesitate to mail us at .

We hope you enjoy working with this plugin.

Your db&w Team -

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Version 1.7
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