the world at your fingertips

infiniMap Pro allows you to use unlimited size image textures within LightWave 3D. It includes a shader, procedural texture layer and node and provides all projection types . infiniMap Pro currently supports JPEG 2000 and ECW images, an image conversion tool is included.

infiniMap Pro is currently available for LightWave 3D version 7.5 to 9.X, Windows 32- and 64-bit.

The unlicensed version includes a fully functional shader that can use planar mapping on the Y axis and may be used for free.

smarten up your render pipeline

exrTrader provides complete support for the OpenEXR image file format for LightWave 3D. It is the ideal companion for anyone using LightWave in a compositing pipeline.

exrTrader includes standard image loaders and savers as well as an image filter saver that allows for the saving of any render buffer provided by LightWave 3D. Buffers can be saved to a single or multiple OpenEXR files. Support of VIPER to preview buffers makes selecting them very intuitive.

exrTrader is currently available for LightWave 3D version 7.5 to 9.X, Windows 32- and 64-bit as well as OSX.

The unlicensed version includes the fully functional OpenEXR image loader and saver and may be used for free.

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