We have just released nodeMeister 2018.2, a free update for nodeMeister.


The focus on this release has been the general workflow of using nodeMeister, including presets, working with multiple scenes as well as compatibility with überPass.

One major change is the ability for the nodeMeister node to host a local graph. This makes it behave like a compound - but still allows you to add controls for the inputs of the underlying graph.

You can copy from a local to a global graph or vice versa. This allows you, for example, to create locally use the copy of a global graph if you need it tweaked in one specific case.

The node settings can now be stored in a preset and recalled again. We've also added a button to open the master plugin from the node for convenience.

Presets in the master plugin now allow you to either load a preset as a new graph or replace an existing graph.
To make this possible, the nodeMeister node handles changes in the graphs it references much more robustly.

We have worked closely with Oliver Hotz from Origami Digital to make sure that überPäss and nodeMeister work together seamlessly.


Changes in 2018.2

  • Added local graphs to the node.
  • Added the ability to copy a local to a global graph in the node and vice versa.
  • The node now stores a backup copy of the global graph it references. This will be restored when loading and the global graph isn't present.
  • Added presets to the node.
  • Switching to a different node graph in the node is now more robust in trying to retain as many connections as possible.
  • Added a button to open the master plugin from the node.
  • Added a menu item to the node menu to open the master plugin.
  • Reworked the presets in the master plugin to be more reliable.
  • Made sure that nodeMeister works with OD überPäss

nodeMeister 2018.2 is available for registered users to download now, an updated demo version is available in our demo section as well.

nodeMeister 2018.2 is available for LightWave 3D 2018.0.3 and higher on Windows or MacOS for 89€ (excl. VAT).