We have just released nodeMeister 2018.1, the best and most feature packed update for nodeMeister ever. Also the first one.


We implemented the most requested feature and nodeMeister is now fully compatible with Octane for LightWave 3D. Our gratitude goes to Juanjo González for providing the required information.

Changes in 2018.1

  • Made nodeMeister compatible with Octane for LightWave, adding multiple custom connection types.
  • Streamlined the addition of new inputs on the Output node in a nodeMeister graph.
  • Replaced the “Add…” button on the Input and Output node of the nodeMeister Graph with a pop-up to directly select the type of the new connection.
  • All prompts asking the user if he's sure to perform an action are now hidden if the Alert Level in Layout 1) is set to Low.
  • Added a “Transparency” and “Single Threaded” option to the node if they run in a shading / displacement context respectively.

nodeMeister 2018.1 is available for registered users to download now, an updated demo version is available in our demo section as well.

nodeMeister 2018.1 is available for LightWave 3D 2018.0.3 and higher on Windows or MacOS for 89€ (excl. VAT).