db&w GbR are proud to release exrTrader LHE - a version of exrTrader for exceptionally creative users.


STUTTGART, Germany, April 1st 2012 db&w Bornemann and Wolf GbR announce the immediate availability of exrTrader LHE - a new version of their best selling plug-in exrTrader, designed specifically for exceptionally creative users.

Cognitive sciences have shown left-handed people to be visually more creative due to their right-hemisphere dominance. While critics put this off as obsolete research or "training" (due to having to deal with an environment designed for right handed people); one should note that the same researchers also refer to their subjects as "lefties" or "southpaws", clearly showing their bias.
Independent scientific studies here at the db&w headquarters clearly show that left-handed people are more creative than their poor-right handed counterparts. As examples, while left-handed subjects succeed at extremely creative tasks such as the development of code or writing of manuals, right-handed people are bound to excel at more mundane work such as "creative" book-keeping, the writing of NDAs, license key creation, strategy and management.

exrTrader_LHEWith exrTrader LHE, db&w has yet again taken the lead in software development and produced the first plugin designed solely with left-handed users in mind. This quantum leap in software technology is the best release ever of exrTrader, a milestone in workflow oriented cgi software. We have evaluated and tested this new product with a brand new team of (left-) hand picked key beta testers, to assure that it confirms to the highest standards.

100% for the 10% of us!

exrTrader LHE is available now as a free, alternate, upgrade to existing (left-handed) users by clicking on the download link on the left hand side of our homepage. Should this link not be visible in the web browser, one may need to change the web browser options for left-handedness.

We do hope that all of our left-handed users enjoy using exrTrader LHE as much as we enjoyed developing it.

Your db&w April Fools
Dagmar (always right) & Mike (just left)