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We have updated our range of plug-ins to fully work with LightWave 3D 2018.

They will be released on the first of January 2018 - just in time for the update to LightWave 3D.

Due to changes in the SDK of LightWave 3D 2018, the plug-ins had to be reworked:

  • exrTrader 2018 has been updated to support the new buffers made available in LightWave 3D 2018, including custom AOVs.
    exrTrader supports the latest OpenEXR standard, including new compression methods.
    We have developed our own buffer viewer for exrTrader 2018.
  • infiniMap 2018 works as expected and has been updated to allow for the use of projection nodes as well.
  • frameD 2018 has been updated and works as expected.
  • shaderMeister is not supported anymore.
    shaderMeister depends on the availability of shader plugins. These have been dropped for LightWave 3D 2018 and no hooks were added to allow for global shading. This, unfortunately, forces us to stop development of shaderMeister.
  • db&w Tools 2018 has been updated. Material related nodes have been removed/replaced, since the new shading system uses a very different (and more modern) concept for materials.

All purchases within the past three months (October, November and December 2017) will receive a free update.

Update prices are as follows:

shaderMeister n/a
exrTrader 2018 29 €
infiniMap 2018 Exr 179 €
infiniMap 2018 Pro 239 €
frameD 2018 59 €
db&w Tools 2018 free

Starting with the 2018 plug-in releases we will also increase our prices at the 8th of January. You can still take advantage of our lower prices now and receive free updates to the 2018 on the first of January 2018.

New prices as of the 9th of January 2018:

exrTrader 2018 69 €
infiniMap 2018 Exr 479 €
infiniMap 2018 Pro 639 €
frameD 2018 159 €
db&w Tools 2018 free

Volume discounts apply both for updates as well as new licenses. If you have purchased shaderMeister in 2017, we will also send you a discount voucher of 20% upon request.

exrTrader Buffer Viewer